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20180528_135956Pablo Picasso, Seated Bather(La Baigneuse), Paris, early 1930.

This non-objective painting was made by the iconic Pablo Picasso. He titled this work of art Seater Bather. Symbolizing a portrait of his own wife. Ogla Koklova was a Russian ballerina. The blue and grey amongst the background symbolizes the Mediterranean. As you can see her bony arms grasping her knee, her skeletal face reaching for love, warmth, and emotion. The awkwardness in position in sequence with the vagueness in stature shows a woman of pain, dismay, distress, discouragement, and pure utterance. This painting was not meant to appease any viewer or the model. The body of a woman in pure essence is the correlation of majestic beauty no matter her figure and Picasso chose to paint a skeletal woman whom inwardly reflecting externally symbolizes inner discomfort. This was during the time his marriage was in shambles. Leaving no question the visual stain of realism. The power is represented in the visual presentation of his wife that also relates to many relationships, broken hearts, failed marriages and single person nostalgia. Thank you Picasso for being artistic. Your expression through art will forever leave a mark.

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