Reincarnation by definition is the rebirth of a soul in a new body. In some religions possible in others blasphemy. The thought of rebirth of one’s soul in its present body sounds comprisable. After digesting Reincarnation by Soulo Smith, I’v dug in depth in the principal of the theory. While I notice a complete opposite in my beliefs, new ideal thoughts and behaviors once complete knowledge and understanding of information are to be expected, though musically prematurely written at times still respectively taken on the EP… Read more bout the Reincarnation Article here.

Hinduism, Christianity and even more religions have many different beliefs. I think the one thing that is to be in unison is the truth that the soul immortal. Whether from one body to the next or from Earth to the Heavens. for customized paintings. Referral Code 1473.IMG_0646.JPG


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