Art Music N’ Concert LLC was created in 2017 to inspire creativity through media influence in the forms of music, television and live event hosting and partnering to promote positivity, innovation and connect talented individuals with people whom desire unique and fresh entertainment. Our platform is also built with the passion to impact positive change not only in the entertainment industry but also the communities of the viewers. That was the inspiration behind Future Footprints Charity Event¬†which we raised two thousand dollars in our first attempt to support the growth of young individuals in day care and young adults currently attending college. Percentages of our proceeds went to It’s A Small World Day Care (Philadelphia) and University of Maryland Eastern Shore. We were blessed to have donors from local PNC Bank, small businesses in the area and Google! We appreciate every participant and support along the way. Our future plans involve fundraising for multiple occasions that positively impact the music and film industry and future home buyers. Our next step is to executive produce major projects that promote innovation, creativity, originality, and sell them on major platforms across the world. This involves film, media, music, books and other forms of entertainment. Our strive for excellence to bring funk, soul, hip hop, trap, poetry, rock, pop, gospel, you name it is our thank you to you the listener for indulging. Our attempt to bring unique and informative film entertainment to you the viewer is our pleasure. Your contributions help our growth. Our fundraising is also to establish Realestate in Pennsylvania, to expand the net worth of our company, cash flow and purchase of corporate office. Thank you for being apart of the mission of Art Music N. Concert LLC. Every Donation will receive a free copy of AMN’C material. (Shirt, CD, or DVD). Thank You! Information coming 3rd and 4th Quarter 2018, We “Appreciate” your patience!