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A mobile phone is a device meant for connecting people as soon as possible. However, many people prefer buying Smartphones these days because they come with the latest technologies and features allowing users to perform various things like a computer. The modern smartphones have taken a long journey and one should know more about the evolution in detail. Moreover, they help to get ideas on where they have come from and what’s coming. Another thing is that it provides ways for learning more about the improvements in technology and consumer trends.

1. The journey of smartphones

IBM is the first company which introduced a smartphone in 1994 with more capabilities. It had many features that are available in current smartphone devices. Some of them include email, fax, touch screen, notes, and calendar. Then, Blackberry invented the smartphone with some extra features that aimed at targeting business professionals. It became a leader in the smartphone industry until the arrival of iPhone models. In 2007, Apple entered the smartphone race that introduced the iPod in the markets. It made the iPhone a customer-friendly device with the most advanced applications.

2. What are the features covered by modern smartphones?

The modern smartphones come with unique features allowing users to get a better browsing experience. Some of them include:

• More memory

• Multiple applications

• HD cameras

• Online games

• Music and video streaming

• A battery which lasts longer

• Apps installation and quick downloading

Today, smartphone users have been able to replace their digital cameras and iPods due to the above advancements. With technologies improving rapidly day by day, smartphones are likely to grow in the markets. It is really hard to predict what will come next in the markets and flip models can vanish soon. Moreover, people can buy phone cases online which exactly suits their mobile devices. They come in attractive colors allowing users to personalize them with options.

The revolution made by smartwatches

A smartwatch is a type of device that is worn on a wrist which works like a smartphone. It is likely to replace traditional watches and digital devices in the future. 

 Types of smartwatches

 1. Hiking watches

Hiking smartwatches are a perfect choice for remote travel purposes which come with outstanding features which fulfill the expectations of users. Some of them include GPS tracking, weather forecasting, and solid battery life.

2. Waterproof watches

The waterproof smartwatches are a suitable one for those who want to perform swimming activities for a long time. In addition, they provide ways for knowing the temperature, dept, time- remaining, and so on.

3. Flying watches

Those who like to carry out the flying task can select a smartwatch that can help to experience more adventure. It is available with a GPS-powered moving map, weather forecast, and a log book.

Leading mobile manufacturing companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and Sony offer the watches with most advanced applications enabling users to pair with a smartphone quickly.

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